Cinnamon Sugar Toast

Homemade Granola

7th Times a Charm Fall Granola


Apple Torte

Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake

Earl Grey Chocolate Bundt Cake

Honey Lavender Cupcakes

Chocolate Pavlova with Whipped Cream and Raspberries


Flourless Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cookies

Chocolate Lace Cookies

Honey & Lavender Shortbread

Chocolate Chip Almond Orange Scented Biscotti


French Macarons

Rosemary Lemon Bars

Samoas Girlscout Cookies



Raspberry Muffins

Baked Pumpkin Spice Donuts


Apple Galette

Banana Cream Pie

Chocolate Frangipane Tart

Pumpkin Pie from Scratch

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie


Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate Chip Pear Scones

Honey and Lavender Scones


Peanut Butter & Oats Dog Treats

2 thoughts on “Recipes

  1. Jenny! I love this blog! Could you please find a yummy shortbread for my Halloween cookie cutters? Zazie loves lavender shortbread and she had a ginger shortbread from Arizamendi bakery the other day that she gobbled up. Any ideas Honey and the Baker?

    1. So glad you like it! 🙂 I will definitely look into some shortbread recipes. I’m thinking pumpkin shortbread would be great for Halloween cookies. I also have a honey lavender recipe that is delicious!

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