My 20th Birthday!


Today I turned 20 years old.  And I am proud to say that I will never be a teenager again!  It feels pretty surreal to be 20 actually (despite the fact that pretty much all of my friends turned 20 many months ago).  It’s just that I’m the baby in my family and I don’t really feel like a baby anymore.  I’m a junior in college with a job and dog and a serious relationship and a super successful food blog. 😉  I’m totally an adult!  It’s crazy.  Haha okay I’m still pretty young, but I’m excited to finally feel completely in control of my own life and future.


 Anyways, let’s talk about the big day!  Basically I went to school and then work and then came home to do my homework.  It wasn’t all that exciting (proof that I’m actually an adult now, right?).  But besides the mundane day-to-day stuff I had to do on my 20th, I also got to eat WAY too many delicious treats (thanks to my wonderful roommates)!  Also, four of my closest friends (including two of my roommates) took me out to a fancy dinner the night before my b-day which was the main celebration.  I even had a pretty princess crown and we shared a decadent Chocolate Torte for dessert.


Then, for the actual day (in between class and work), I treated myself to the best sandwich on campus and a vegan chocolate muffin that didn’t taste vegan at all.  It’s a turkey sandwich with spinach, artichoke, and pepper jack cheese with a tangy mayo based spread.  So delcious!  The muffin was light and fluffy (more like a cupcake) dusted with powdered sugar.


As if that wasn’t good enough, I came home to TONS of treats from my roommates!  Maya got me three cupcakes from Buttercup Cakes which were so delicious I ate all of them!  In my defense, two of them were mini, and it was my birthday!  My favorite was the orange cupcake with earl grey frosting, I definitely need to make those for myself sometime.  Those are some of my favorite flavors.  You might know this if you saw my Earl Grey Chocolate Bundt Cake or the Orange Scented Biscotti with Almonds and Chocolate Chips.  She also made these yummy Chocolate Chip No Bake Cheesecake Parfaits with extra cookies on the side!


I would say my sweet tooth was one hundred percent fulfilled this Birthday.  Later this month I’m going to do more birthday celebrating back in my hometown. 🙂  I’ll let you know what treats we encounter there too! Yay, I can’t wait. 🙂 In the mean time, the rest of this week is all booked up with school, work, and pumpkin carving!  Then the UCLA/Cal football game this weekend with my boyfriend and family.  So excited!


P.S.  Thank you to everyone reading this post!  You are making my birthday extra special by being a part of this blog.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and now I’m finally here with over 700 views and almost 100 Likes on Facebook. 🙂 I love you guys. ❤


Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Parfaits

*I definitely plan to remake that delicious sandwich and the Orange/Earl Grey Cupcakes in the future! Stay tuned.

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