Honey Lavender Cupcakes


Summer is slowly coming to an end, BUT I’m still enjoying the beach, a lot of free time, and a whole lotta baking.  Because I’ve never actually made them from scratch before, I decided to make cupcakes and I figured if I’m gonna have honey in the title of my blog, I should probably bake with it.  Agreed?  Honey and Lavender has to be one of my favorite combinations.  These cupcakes are light and fluffy with a delicious cream cheese frosting that rounds it all out.  If you’re a fan of lavender, you will LOVE these.  I’m obsessed.  I even made some of them mini, so I could justify eating one every couple hours (does that makes sense?).  Here’s the recipe for these most delicious cupcakes: Honey Lavender Cupcakes.  If you’re looking for another scrumptious honey/lavender recipe, try these cookies: Honey Lavender Cookies.  I made these cookies for my mom last Spring and she couldn’t stop raving about them and because they were so delicious and so easy, I made them for myself too.  Light, buttery, and perfect with a cup of tea.  My roommates are happy campers this week.  Plenty of cupcakes to go around.  What should I make for us next?





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